Daffodils for September Planting

Think all the fun is over when it comes to planting in September, well think again! Fall is a great time....really the perfect time to plant your Spring flowering bulbs.

Planting in the fall give the bulbs time to develop and grow much-needed roots so that you can enjoy those beautiful golden sweet-smelling blooms in spring.....ahh, just makes me smile when I think about it!

So let's chat about this spring singing flower that announces "I'm here and spring is very near".

The Daffodil

This cheery little girl is a member of the Amaryllidaceae family. The beautiful creamy colored flower Narcissus (daffodil) is a very hardy and easy to grow bulb. It is great for beginning gardeners or long-time gardeners alike. 

Spring blooming daffodils have over 10,000 cultivars that are in a variety of luscious colors such as red, orange, yellow, cream and pink. These hardy little beauties are great for hillsides, raised beds, borders and under deciduous tree beds or really anywhere that color is welcomed.

A Healthy Bulb

Ideally, you will want the bulbs to be fat, fleshy and fresh smelling. Try to purchase your bulbs early for the best selection, also be sure to store the bulbs in a cool, dark and dry location until planting, if you leave in a sunny area, it will cause them to sprout prematurely and it is always best to plant these future bloomers in the fall (September is a perfect Time).


Daffodils can be planted almost anywhere except beneath evergreen trees. They like moist, slightly acidic soil with a (PH 6 or 7), well-drained soil. Plant the bulbs at a depth of 7 to 8 inches and about 4 to 6 inches apart. Flowers do best when planted in a sunny to partly shaded location that allows for at least half a day's sun.

If you are going to plant just a few bulbs, it is easier to dig a few holes large enough to accommodate a few bulbs each, however, if mass planting is more your style then dig a wide hole for grouped flowers or trench for border type plantings. For better root growth and flower production, mix a little bone meal in the bottom of the holes before laying your bulbs.

Poor soil can be improved by digging an 18 to 20-inch hole or bed and add soil additives such as compost and topsoil. Fill about 2/3 of planting area with compost and topsoil, then plant bulbs on top and cover with the remaining topsoil at ground level. This amendment will give you beautiful healthy flowers in the spring!

After planting be sure to water and do so generously.

Good To Know

Daffodils have a beautiful spring showing but after the blooms are gone, What do you do with the leaves? They can be a little less than attractive, to say the least, they stay around for several weeks and you might be tempted to cut them back.....but don't. Those unsightly leaves are receiving the sun's rays to produce foods for next year's blooms.

Top dressing with compost is a good way to encourage more growth and blooms for next year and can aid to a certain extent to camouflage the leaves. Be sure to not cut leaves back until they turn yellow or brown. Planting daylilies in the same bed will create continuous color and can help hide the daffodil foliage as it dies back.

Over time, your flowers will multiply and that's what we want (right), however, if you notice that they
are not blooming like they should or the blooms are of poor quality, you might need to divide them. Daffodils can be divided every 3 to 5 years and normally about 7 to 8 weeks after blooming, this is usually around mid-June to July. 

A cloudy day is generally a good time to divide due to sun damage that can occur if done on a sunny day. Dig the hole 3 times the size of the original plant's home, this needs to be done prior to the start of the dividing process. 

To divide the clump, simply divide into sections being careful not to damage the roots. You are now ready to plant and then water in. Do not fertilize until after the following year.

There you have it! All you need to know about planting fall Daffodil bulbs, so you can enjoy your beautiful, cheery little rays of Spring sunshine.

I hope you have enjoyed today's post, if you have any ideas you want to share or if you just want to chat, Please drop me a note below. Let's talk, I would love to hear from you:-)

From my "Dirty" shovel to yours, I wish you all the best!