Mason Jars - DIY herb container

Gardening to me is an expression of creativity, as well as food for my body. One way I express creativity is through the use of recycled materials to create unique pots and planters.

You can make a pot or planter out of just about anything and everything, only your imagination can hold you back.

There are so many different recycled materials you can use to display herbs, vegetables, and flowers however, I have to admit that I absolutely love mason jars and it's a great way to grow herbs, especially this time of year!

Mason jars can be left clear so the planting media shows through or paint them in any color you want. I like to leave my mason jars clear and display the jars by mounting them on a board 3 to 5 jars wide (remember always work in odd numbers when displaying your plant containers, it is more aesthetically pleasing).
I Love this idea!!

What you need:

Mason jars; small gravel
or pea rock to put in the bottom for drainage;
Charcoal layer over the rock to keep everything
fresh and to prevent mold - (you can get this at
your local garden center or you can use briquettes
that are not pre-lit).

If you plan on hanging your mason jars, you will need:
Found on

Clamps from the HVAC section at your
local home improvement store; Wood - plank
(you can find this at a number of sources - try looking
for scrap wood at your local lumber mill); Stain - a color
of your choice or not. Screws and brackets for the back
of the wood to hang on the wall.

That's it....That's all you need! 
Oh yeah, don't forget your......PLANTS and DIRT! (lol).

All kidding aside, this is a great way to grow herbs. They will always be within reach when you need them. As I said before,  I love reusing mason jars or any kind of jar really.

My favorite herbs in the kitchen are Thyme, Basil, Lemon balm and Cilantro.

Stay tuned and come back to read my next post where we will talk more about the great options available made from recyclable containers.

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From my "DIRTY" shovel to yours, I wish you all the best,