Best DIY Pots and Planters

DIY Pots and Planters 

Just as I promised in my last post, we are going to chat more about recyclable containers to use for pots or planters in the garden or anywhere you want. Now we've already talked about ways to reuse one of my favorite containers "Mason jars". If you missed the post and would like to catch up, you can click here DIY Garden pots and planters.

The possibilities are endless and you will find so many different ways to convert trash to treasure.....well garden treasure that is and we will talk about several today, so without further delay, let's get started.

How would you like to use an old pair of boots for a planter, any kind will do? Or what about a child's rusty wagon, a mailbox, beat up metal wastebasket, an old teapot....oh the list can go on and on. Whew, hold many ideas running through my head right now, I get carried away, sorry!

Seriously, you can use metal coffee cans, paint them any way you want and bam, you have a really cool planter. What if I don't drink coffee you ask? Ok, use a 2-liter plastic bottle, cut it about 1/4 way down from the top, use some paint, put 3 little drain holes around the sides close to the bottom and you have a cute planter....Easy right.

Did you know, lawn tractor tires make a really cute planter? Just put them over a bucket or container (smaller than the circumference of tire opening), paint and decorate. Totally cute and whimsy!

I also like to use old metal wash tubs, they're great for herbs, veggies, and flowers, so look around your house or your neighbor's, (no just kidding about the neighbor's house, unless you have permission, that is) you might be surprised with all the things you will come up with.

Another item on my list is to reuse plant containers purchased from my local lawn and garden center.
The black 3-gallon pots are great and I always save them. So how do you turn a plain black industrial looking pot into something you want to look at? I cover the pot with burlap and tie grass string around the outside rim of the pot, it looks so organic. Also, you could paint the outside a solid color and then free hand whatever design you like, this is super chic!

In addition to all the great ideas we've talked about today, I thought you would appreciate some pictures. I have them for you below.

I hope this will inspire you to create your own DIY planter. If you have some ideas, please feel free to share and if you would like to see more pictures, go to Pinterest and give me a follow.

Thanks so much for stopping by and feel free to drop me a note, let's talk gardening.

From my "Dirty shovel to Yours", I wish you all the best,